The role of 5’ cap

5’ cap is a natural mRNA modification that stabilizes mRNA and plays an essential role in translation initiation (the process leading to protein production from mRNA).

Synthetic modifications of the 5′ cap enable further improvement of mRNA therapeutic properties by increasing its stability and increasing translation yield. ExploRNA co-founders have previously developed mRNA cap analogs that improve biological properties of mRNA (SEE THE HISTORY).

Today we bring to the world next generation of capping reagents with ground-breaking biological properties.

Using mRNA as a therapeutic is a cutting-edge approach

mRNA based drugs deliver a defined generic message into the cells to produce any kind of protein

Ability to set instruction for cells allows mRNA therapeutics to be used for any disease

mRNA drugs have potential to transform standards of drug discovery and manufacturing

"Next generation” ExploRNA's mRNA caps

ExploRNA caps augment total protein expression in vivo:
human Erythropoetin (hEPO), C57BL/6 mice


EXPO expression after 6h

Next generation capping reagents:

Significantly increase protein yield in vivo over standard capping reagents

Are compatible with standard co-transcriptional capping procedure

Increase protein expression of both unmodified and uridine-modified mRNA

Facilitate mRNA purification

Are easy to manufacture

1st generation 5’ cap modification – the first significant breakthrough