• Using mRNA as a therapeutic is a cutting-edge approach

ExploRNA Therapeutics

ExploRNA Therapeutics is a spin-off company from the University of Warsaw, which is working on developing an improved mRNA with a modified 5' cap encoding neoantigens.

The modified mRNA can be used to create experimental therapeutic anti-cancer vaccinations.

This Project will be based on the former findings of the ExploRNA team developed at the University of Warsaw, of which the Company is the sole licensee.

  • ExploRNA Therapeutics is a privately owned “spin off” company from the University of Warsaw and is led by Professor Jacek Jemielity Head of the Bio Organic Chemistry Laboratory at the Center of New Technologies CeNT at the University of Warsaw
  • ExploRNA’s mRNA therapeutics will compete in a multi-billion global marketplace that is growing at approximately 30% per year
  • ExploRNA has exclusively licensed intellectual property developed by Professor Jemielity’s group on synthetic 5 caps for mRNA that stabilize the nucleic acid enabling its application as a therapeutic
  • Professor Jemielity’s 1 st generation cap modification technology was licensed in 2011 to the German company BioNTech which has raised in excess of 580 M for the development of their mRNA based pipeline
  • ExploRNA’s next generation mRNA is expected to have significantly improved benefits in stability, translational efficiency, and cost of synthesis
  • ExploRNA’s two lead development programs will focus on tumor specific antigen vaccines and the expression of cytokines to promote cytotoxic T cells to eliminate tumor growth

ExploRNA’s founder, Professor Jemielity is one of the leading Global scientists in the mRNA field

PhD, DSc

Jacek Jemielity

ExploRNA’s founder, Professor Jemielity is one of the leading Global scientists in the mRNA field

Area of expertise

Professor Jemielity’s research is focused on synthesis of mRNA cap analogs and their biological and medicinal applications and analogs of biologically relevant nucleotides

Selected awards

Recently Nominated for European Inventor Award in the Research category (jointly with J. Kowalska and E. Darżynkiewicz)

Recipient of many top national awards such as Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland, and Honorary sign "For merits for inventiveness" awarded by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland


Co-author of more than 100 articles in leading journals (citation index >1820 and a H-index of 23) and 9 patent applications

Jacek Jemielity - ExploRNA Therapeutics

ExploRNA’s Scientific Team lead by Prof. Jemielity is a group of experienced researchers in mRNA chemistry and immuno-oncology

Joanna Kowalska - ExploRNA Therapeutics

Joanna Kowalska PhD

Associate Professor at Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw

Area of expertise

Research focused on design and synthesis of mRNA 5' end (cap) analogs

Selected awards

Recipient of distinguished awards from Foundation of Polish Science, Poster Award at XXI International Round Table on Nucleosides


Co-author of over 50 scientific papers and 5 patent applications (including two US patents granted)

Jakub Gołąb - ExploRNA Therapeutics

Jakub Gołąb MD, PhD

Head of the Department of Immunology at the Medical University of Warsaw

Area of expertise

Current research is focused on cancer immunotherapy

Selected awards

Prime Minister award for academic achievements, stipends and awards from the Foundation for Polish Science or Polish Academy of Science


His publication record includes ~140 articles in top journals (citation index >8000 and a H-index of 35)

Dominika Nowis - ExploRNA Therapeutics

Dominika Nowis MD, PhD

Head of Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Centre of New Technologies at the University of Warsaw

Area of expertise

Research is focused on discovery of novel molecular targets for cancer immunotherapy

Selected awards

Recipient of distinguished awards, including the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland award, Ministry of Science and Higher Education 3-year fellowship


Co-author of over 80 articles published in international scientific journals. Citations (w/o self-citations): 3180, H index – 24

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